It all started back in 2015. I had considered many clothing brand names and style but none of them ever really stuck. It was something I wanted to do but never had a brand identity I could believe in. Then Kendrick Lemar came calling. In his 2012 album, ‘Good Kid, m.A.A.d City’ he had a song called ‘Money Trees’. The song, lyrically, resonated with me and the hustle I had been on for years before. Trying to make that first ‘dollar’ which he explains could change the direction and choices we make.
I felt something that day - after I drove to the local park to throw a football with friends. It was stuck in my mind. It felt right. So I decided to create my brand - Money Trees. I went home and created a simple logo - using Jay Rock’s verse as immediate inspiration “Dreams of me getting shaded under a money tree”. The logo was born. I didn’t want to make a serious logo. I wanted something more than a word. Something playful. Something that represented me.
Since 2015 - I have created many prototypes of vests (which we took to Ibiza) t-shirts and other garments but life decided to get in the way. But the Money Tree brand wasn’t a tree yet. It was merely a seed, planted deep in my brain. Skip forwards 4 years and the tree has grown. It is ready to dangle money and garments from its branches. It is ready to bloom the best products we can possibly make. Everything we do at Money Trees is individually checked, from the quality of the item to the quality of the print.
The essence of the brand is simple. High Quality products that are not taken too seriously. We are not pricing our streetwear on the high end, we want everyone to own a piece of Money Tree’s. Our mission is to give back. Our goal for the future is to use the profits from Money Tree’s to change a something. Whether we donate percentages to forest charities who work tirelessly protecting our forests, or to helping people in desperate need closer to home who are using foodbanks to provide food for their children. It is something that we feel we cannot enjoy if we cannot make a difference to a life or to the planet.
Thank you for supporting us.
Money Trees Gang.